About Refuge

Angus Women's Aid

01241 439437

Office Hours 10am to 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday. If you need help outwith these hours, please call the 24 hour national helpline 0800 027 1234.

24 Hour National Helpline

0800 027 1234

Typical Refuge Accomodation

What is Refuge?
Our refuge accommodation provides a safe and secure place for women and their children to stay when they leave their home after experiencing domestic abuse. The temporary accommodation consists of fully furnished self-contained flats so women and children need only bring their clothes and any personal belongings. The safety and security of women and their children is our top priority so the refuge address is kept confidential. If a woman does not feel safe staying in Angus, we can help and refer her to another Women’s Aid service in an area where she will feel more comfortable and secure,

What next?
If a woman decides to stay in refuge, our workers will help her to settle in by providing emotional support and practical help, enabling her to make decisions about her future. For example, our workers will assist a woman with housing and benefit applications. We also have dedicated CYP workers who support children and young people staying in refuge on a one to one basis, as well as during group sessions.

After Refuge?
Once a woman has moved into permanent accommodation, a worker can provide follow on support in her community to ensure she experiences a smooth transition from refuge to her new home, if a woman feels she would benefit from support.

Refuge Rules
While in refuge, there are some rules that women, children and young people are asked to follow. The rules are in place so that refuge remains a safe and secure environment for every woman, child and young person who is staying there.

Some of the rules relate to confidentiality to ensure the safety of everyone staying in refuge remains a top priority.

Many of the rules are in place due to legislation, such as rules relating to health and safety.

The poster below is an illustration of the rules of refuge. The rules were decided by women during a focus group and the poster was designed by women who attended an arts and crafts group.

Refuge Rules