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MARAC Independent Advocate
The MIA (MARAC Independent Advocate) service works with women who are recognised as being at high risk of serious physical harm or death.

The MIA will talk to women about their safety and explain what will happen at the MARAC and find out what she wants raised at the meeting.

The MIA is at the MARAC to be the woman's voice and explain the woman's concerns to representatives from housing, health, social work, police, women's aid, education and any other relevant service a woman is getting support from.

After MARAC the MIA will contact the woman and let her know what happened and how services have agreed to help reduce the risks to the woman.

The MIA will also support the woman to access other services to find out additional things she needs to know or if she wants further support services.

The MIA is a strictly short term support service and the involvement will end shortly after the MARAC as other agencies should then be involved carrying out their agreed actions from the meeting.

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